Ameriplan® Dental, Vision, Prescription, and Chiropractic in Hawaii

Ameriplan® is a national company and is offering discount dental and health programs in Hawaii.

Most of Hawaii falls within our red regional coverage area within the United States. To find out what you would save in the state of Hawaii enter your zip code below and get the fee schedule and savings available in your area. This package is available for only $19.95 per month for an entire household.

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Ameriplan Health®

There is more great news! Ameriplan Health® has also expanded nationwide! Ameriplan Health® is now available in Hawaii! This program will give you access to our over 400,000 medical providers all over the country. Our Total Health Program is just $49.95 per month for an entire household and this includes the dental vision, prescription and chiropractic advantages as well! Our ID Securenet program just $19.95 per month includes our Ameriplan® Auto Club, Identity theft program, and Ameriplan® Legal Services. And we also have our premium program - Platinum Plus which includes our Dental Plus plan, and also access to hundreds of dollars of savings on everything from shopping and dining to business technology.

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Also see our press release announcing the rollout of this nationwide health program.

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