AmeriPlan® provides discount healthcare memberships that put the power in the hands of the patient and not the insurance companies. AmeriPlan® offers consumer driven health and discount dental programs. AmeriPlan® works by gaining agreements with a huge network of doctors, specialists, dentists, orthodontists, vision providers, pharmacists, and chiropractors. The providers in our network agree to price discounts for you, the patient. In return they gain access to our 1.4 million members, low cost marketing of their services, elimination of paperwork associated with insurance, and are paid in cash. This is why the program works, it is a win-win solution for everyone in this current situation of sky-rocketing health care costs.

Some of the key advantages to the AmeriPlan® membership besides the huge savings, include such things as: instant savings, and the elimination of paperwork, waiting periods, limits on services, age limits, and acceptance of current conditions.

Programs start at $12.95 per month!

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Ameriplan Health®

Ameriplan Health® is now available all over the USA and we have over 400,000 physicians and specialists in our network of providers! Ameriplan Health® includes our Medical discount program and all of the discount programs below, dental, vision, prescription, and chiropractic programs. An Ameriplan Health® member will save up to 50% on medical services. These include doctor's visits, specialists, lab work, and imaging. Another major part of the program is our patient advocacy program.

If you are confined in a hospital either on an inpatient or outpatient basis you will have the option of using the Ameriplan Health® Advocacy program. The AmeriPlan® advocacy program will work on your behalf and as your representative to the hospital during your stay or treatment.

Ameriplan Health®

Ameriplan Total Health® $49.95 per month for everyone in a household. This includes ALL of AmeriPlan® discount programs! You get all the options of our medical program including: physician care, ancillary services such as physical therapy, lab work, imaging centers, diabetic supplies, and much more! Plus hospital advocacy and our nurseline. In addition you also get our dental, vision, prescription drug, and chiropractic programs as well! This is the complete Ameriplan® package dental and medical programs.

Ameriplan Health® Programs are available in all states except Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming. If you live in Florida, please see our special pricing in that state.

Ameriplan MD Plus®

This NEW program is an amazing value. For just $12.95 you get our Prescription Drug Discount program and access to our new AmeriDoc program for your entire family! With AmeriDoc you will get 24/7 access to a Doctor over the phone. This saves a lot of money for doctor’s appointments. They can write prescriptions over the phone. This is a must have!

AmeriPlan® Dental Plus

The AmeriPlan® dental program network includes over 30,000 Dentists. Typical savings available is up to 80% on normal dental procedures and up to 59% on such treatments as oral surgery, and orthodontics. The program costs $14.95 per month for an individual. And $19.95 per month for everyone within one household. AmeriPlan® Dental Plus also includes vision, prescription, and chiropractic discount programs.

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AmeriPlan Vision® Discount

The AmeriPlan Vision® network includes over 12,000 vision providers. Typical savings available is from 20%-60% on vision care. Vision care includes lenses, tints, coatings, and frames. Members will also save on ophthalmology exams and contact lenses. Large national chains such as Sears, LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, and JC Penny are participants in our vision discount programs.

AmeriPlan® Prescription Programs

The AmeriPlan Prescription® discount network has over 50,000 pharmacies. These pharmacies also include the big national chains such as Walgreens. Typical savings will be up to 25% on brand name prescriptions, and up to 50% on generics.

AmeriPlan Chiropractic® Discount

The AmeriPlan Chiropractic® discount network includes over 7,500 chiropractic providers. As an AmeriPlan® member you will receive your first chiropractic appointment and consultation for free. Most services including diagnostics, and x-rays have a savings of up to 50%. Other services such as messages offer savings up to 30% as well.

AmeriPlan® New Programs!

Ameriplan Platinum Plus® program $50.00 per month for everyone in a household. This program will get you amazing money saving benefits on auto expenses, recreation, shopping, dining, and business technology! And it includes the Dental Plus Program!

Ameriplan Total Platinum Plus® program $75.00 per month for everyone in a household. This program combines all of Total Health and Platinum Plus.

Ameriplan Platinum FreedomPass® program $150.00 per month for everyone in a household. With this program you get all of the benefit of the Total Platinum Plus, but with our amazing savings programs to help you save on travel and groceries!

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